The Sanechips mobile phone chip platform is dedicated to providing 3G/4G mobile terminal solutions for customers, featuring advanced design, high performance, low power consumption, low cost, and rapid development. The solutions can be applied on a series of products such as mobile phones, uFIs, CPEs, data cards, IoT terminals, and customized terminals. Products adopting the Sanechips platform have passed certification and tests of main telecommunications operators in China, and have been put into commercial use on a large scale.


  Sanechips design UHD multimedia application processing chips, intelligent video recording chips, power and PA chips, with Linux/Android solutions for IPTV/OTT/DVB set-top boxes, DVR/NVR, in-car multimedia and video recording devices, security monitoring, and cloud terminal products. We make efforts in HD/UHD video codec, HD audio decoding ,high performance multi-core CPU/GPU integration and optimization, high-speed peripherals, wireless connection, low power consumption, advanced foundry process technologies, and provide high-quality services and perfect solutions for customs in the smart set-top boxes, vehicle networking, UHD media player, intelligent security monitoring and surveillance fields.

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